Private Party Menu
Beverage Packages

Open Bar pricing: Per Person
    Bottles & Mixed* Top Shelf**
    $27- 3 hours $35- 3 hours
    $30- 4 hours $40- 4 hours
    $35- 5 hours $45- 5 hours
* Includes domestic bottled beer, domestic draft beer, well single shot drinks & soda
** Includes domestic and imported bottled beer, all draft beer, domestic wine, top shelf single shot drinks & mixer
*** Cash bar is also available with room rental.
**** Shots are not included in any packages! All mixed drinks must be served with ice and at least one mixer.

***** All attendees must pay the per head charge if choosing an open bar option.  If there are people who are not drinking, cash bar may be a better option for your party.
18% gratuity is added into open bar pricing, and will be added to final beverage bill for cash parties.
Food Packages
Sandwich Buffet
$12.95 Per Person
(Choose: 2 sandwiches & 2 salads)
Sandwiches Salads
Roast Beef Potato Salad
Roasted Turkey Pasta Salad
Meatballs Cole Slaw
Sausage, Pepper & Onions Macaroni Salad
Roast Pork Caesar Salad
Grilled Chicken Breast Garden Salad
Chicken Cutlets choice of dressing
Brown Sugar Ham  

Party Trays
(Available for both in-house and take-out)
Chicken Finger Tray:  Small $50; Large $100
Tender and juicy chicken strips served with BBQ & honey mustard.
Buffalo Finger Tray:  Small $50; Large $100
Tender and juicy chicken strips covered in mild or hot sauce served with celery & bleu cheese.
Wing Tray:  Small $45; Large $90
Choose from mild, hot, BBQ, hot BBQ & teriyaki, includes celery & bleu cheese.
Fried Ravioli Tray:  Small $50; Large $100
Tender cheese ravioli deep fried until golden brown served with our marinara.
Spring Roll Tray:  Small $60; Large $120
Fresh spring rolls deep fried until golden brown served with sweet & sour sauce.
Eckstreme Fry Tray:  Small $50: Large $90
Our famous fries covered with a blend of three cheeses, crispy bacon, and served with our homemade buffalo ranch.
Eckstreme Nacho Tray:  Small $50: Large $90
Our homemade tortilla chips are covered with a blend of cheeses, homemade salsa, hot peppers and sour cream.
(add chicken or beef for $5sm/$10 lg.)
Appetizer Buffet
$10.00 Per Person
(a combo of multiple appetizers)
Chicken Wings Chicken Fingers
Mozzarella Sticks Spring Rolls
Fried Ravioli Pierogies
Mac & Cheese Bites                                       Broccoli Bites
French Fries                                                   Onion Rings

We can accommodate any party request.
All entrée packages and hot sides are also available.
If you have questions, or would like to modify a package, please call 215-487-9601      
We can also provide a DJ upon request. 
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